Generally speaking, cycles fall into two categories, fixed and variable cycles.

Fixed cycles refer to cycles that repeat at regular intervals eg 90, 144 and 52.

More importantly, variable cycles are of greater interest to us when analysing the markets.


Above is a weekly chart together with a Gann Time cycle in green.

How do you read this Time cycle? The start and ends of the green box represent Time cycles to watch for a change in trend. More importantly, the vertical lines in the green box also represent Time cycles.

Focus on the arrow on the left, labelled 1. It coincides with a pivot bar before the market collapses. The cycle generates the vertical line labelled 2, giving us the low in March 2020. The cycle also generates the vertical line labelled 3, giving us the August 2020 high. The end of the green box gives us the low, labelled 4.

This is an example how variable cycles can be used to give us turning points in Time.