Our Story

Our executive team started work in a retail stock broking environment around 1997. Our clients were traders and demanded high accuracy entry and exit levels because they were trading derivative products.

One of our members completed the Chartered Market Technicians (CMT) course and thought it would be adequate in meeting the needs of clients. We soon realised that traditional technical analysis did not have all the answers.

In our search for these answers, we read about the trading success of WD Gann, and travelled internationally to learn his techniques from the experts. We also studied as many of his books and courses that we could get our hands on. It took us many years to come to grips with this new way of analysing the markets.

After applying WD Gann’s techniques successfully in the markets for the last 14 years, we can definitely say that it is more accurate than traditional technical analysis.

We have started a Newsletter and Trading Course service because we want to share this valuable information with the general public so that they can also benefit from the improved accuracy of WD Gann’s techniques.

The Gann Exchange