Advanced Gann Course

This course aims to teach you the methods of WD Gann that we found to be most effective in analyzing and trading the markets. These methods are more accurate than traditional technical analysis, and incorporating it, will improve your trading success.

The course content is set out below.


OPTUMA Software, Astrological module and Gann module. (Not included in course price)

Previous Gann knowledge is not essential.

Topics Covered

Gann believed that markets move in squares. In order to define the square, we need to determine the Horizontal (Price), the Diagonal, and the Vertical (Time).

  1. Horizontal Axis (Price)
    • How to find conversion factors using the squares method
    • How to determine support and resistance levels using the SQ9 tool or Gann Hexagon
    • How to build confluence in price
    • How to apply and adjust the Fibonacci grid to get better support and resistance levels
    • How to identify thrust bars and gaps and discuss their importance to both Gann and Fibonacci analysis
    • Square of 24
    • Square of Low, High and Range
    • Square vs Trine markets
  1. Diagonal (Price/Time)
    • Explanation of Gann Tunnel
    • How to draw a correct Gann Fan
    • Learn where to place the Gann Fan
  1. Vertical Axis (Time)
    • A look at fixed cycles and their limitations (90, 144, 52)
    • Astrological Cycles
      • Planetary Cycles
      • Eclipses, Ingress, Retrograde and Planetary Aspects
      • Business Cycles and North Node
      • Time Factors
    • Planetary Longitudes, Latitudes and Declination
    • Trend Duration
    • How to build confluence in time

The above will allow you to complete the Gann Square (Time, Price and Diagonal).

In addition, we will also give you 5 Conversion Factors, across various markets, that we have already found.

With all of this knowledge, you will quickly recoup what you have invested in this course.

Course Investment

The course duration is 5 days, for approximately 5 hours per day.

It also includes 2 follow-up days to resolve any questions the student may have.

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Trading contains risk of loss and is not for all investors. The information provided is meant for educational purposes only. There is no guarantee that you will profit from the information contained herein. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. The information contained is meant to be used as just another tool to assist you in arriving at your trading decisions. The information provided is not advice. The information provided is for educational purposes only. Consult a qualified financial advisor before making investment decisions.

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