About Gann Analysis

Gann Analysis has been used by traders and investors for decades. It involves finding the correct conversion Factors for the market you are studying. That conversion Factor is then used to draw Gann Fans (Gann Tunnel), and determine Support and Resistance levels using the Square of Nine/Hexagon chart. Time Cycles are then added to determine the “When”. Gann Analysis requires the market to have a square relationship.

Below are some illustrations that show the strength of Gann Analysis.

1.      Gann Fan

Line A and B define a Gann Fan. The Fan lines give support and resistance in Time and Price. The intersection of fan lines are also important in giving us Timing.

2.      Vibration on Trines

This graph is showing the law of vibration in action. Look at the stock vibrating on the 120, 240 and 360 degrees.

The Gann Exchange