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Our team at GannExchange has over sixty years of collective experience in trading and analyzing the markets. We offer Newsletters and a Trading Course to help traders achieve better accuracy in their Entry and Exit setups, resulting in better returns.


“Where there is matter, there is geometry” – Johannes Kepler.


We currently have TWO unique newsletter products. An International newsletter covering the US and London markets, and a newsletter covering the JSE TOP 40 (Emerging Market).

The weekly newsletter and its intra-week update provides entry points, exit points and stop loss levels.

The analysis applies Gann Support and Resistance techniques, Fan Lines, Fibonacci and Gann Time Factors.

Some of the indices and stocks covered here are S&P500, NASDAQ and FTSE, as well as commodities and currencies

JSE top 40 stocks, indices, as well as commodities and currencies

Trading course 

Advanced Gann Course

Register for the Advanced Gann Course where you will learn to determine Conversion Factors, Support and Resistance Levels in Price, and how to draw correct Gann Fans.

The course also covers Fibonacci confluence zones and Gann Time factors.

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